Quality Printing Services at Eagle Ridge Press


Since 1983, Eagle Ridge Press has supplied quality printing to its customers including many printers and design agencies. We began with traditional letterpress services such as foil stamping, embossing, and die-cutting, as well as standard offset printing, and later added a large full-colour press and pre-press equipment enabling us to offer a complete range of printing services from start to finish.

On the pre-press side, we can accept files electronically or scan and assemble artwork to your requirements. We also feature a special full colour run offering card products at a fraction of the price. Unlike most printers, all the above services are done in-house for absolute quality control and timely delivery. Our years of experience, production capabilities, and a team of professional staff combine to effectively enhance and improve the impact of your promotional products.

While technology has changed over the years our commitment to customer satisfaction has remained central to our success.


We can accept your files electronically or design, scan and assemble artwork to your requirements.

You may supply us with your file in print ready PDF file format (with x-1a 2001 preset).

This ensures that fonts are embedded and images (at 300dpi) in cmyk or spot colours.

Digital hardcopy proofs are available before going to press.

Traditional Offset Printing


Colour gets noticed—we can design and print a full-colour brochure from start to finish or we can work from your disk or final film.

Brochures and other promotional items, such as presentation folders, annual reports can be printed in either one or more spot colours, or in full-colour process on a large format high-speed multicolour press.

A variety of products is available from 8 1/2 x 11 colour brochures to multiple page catalogues or quality promotional pieces involving full-colour foil stamping/embossing or die-cutting.

The list is limited only by your imagination.



Stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards can be printed in 1 or more colours on a variety of matching paper styles.

For a lasting impression, you may combine printing with foil stamping or embossing by having your corporate logo stamped or embossed (raised).

To keep the cost of foil stamped/embossed business cards economical, we recommend pre-printing blank shells (usually 5000 or more) in a 4 up format on an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 sheet with your initial order. Then when you need a new name or reorder an old one simply fax or email us the information. It will not only be cheaper but will speed up delivery time. It is even more economical to imprint names in groups of 2 or 4.

This method is also useful for business cards printed in 2 or more colours in close register.

Full colour is also an option for letterheads and business cards (see Colour Card Products).


Make a professional and organized presentation with your promotional information

in a Presentation Folder with die-cut pockets with business card slits.

Specialty Letterpress


Enhance your stationery or promotional material with foil stamping or embossing. Hot foil stamping is the letterpress process of applying a metallic foil to paper under heat and pressure. When used effectively it can add prestige and an elegant touch to any printed product.

Foil is available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Metallic colours, Non-metallic colours, and pigments, Pearls, Tints, and special effects such as Hologram patterns. Foil can be applied in combination with embossing, printing, other foil colours or simply stand on its own, ideally on a dark coloured background.

The list of possible products is endless: stationery, business cards, presentation covers or folders, book covers, greeting cards, tags, wine labels, menus, packaging boxes are just a few examples of items enhanced by this process.


Add a third dimension to your printed product.

Embossing refers to raising an image above the surface of the paper. An image can also be debossed or recessed below the surface.

Embossing can be combined with foil stamping, Printing or simply stand on its own, as in Blind Embossing, which is most effective on light coloured felt finish cover.

Embossing is done with heat and pressure on a letterpress with the use of a metal die. This die is usually single level, although special applications such as greeting cards involve multi-level or hand sculptured dies.

Printed products that are ideal for embossing include business cards, presentation covers, presentation folders, letterheads, menus, wine labels, greeting cards among others.


Die-cutting is the process of cutting shapes from paper on a letterpress using dies with steel cutting rules either for functional or visual effect.

Scoring or creasing is a similar process which uses a steel crease rule to indent a mark in the paper to facilitate folding without cracking. Score rules can be included in a die with die-cutting rules.

Typical examples of die-cutting include presentation folders with pockets, presentation covers with windows, door hangers, Rolodex business cards, packaging boxes, table tent cards among others.


Letterpress Printing

Traditional letterpress printing using metal type and a suitable paper gives an indented look that cannot be duplicated with flat offset or digital printing. Ideal for wedding invitations or unique business cards.
While foil-stamping and embossing for business cards can involve extra metal dies and set up time we can offer economical ways to print and stamp or emboss shells in 4 up or 8 up from which can be imprinted at a later time as needed.


Digital Printing

Short Run

High resolution quality printing ideal for rack cards, business cards, brochures, pads, multi-page booklets such as concert programs and reports and various size envelopes. The size can go up to 6 page 11x26 brochures or presentation folders with side pockets. Ideal for smaller quantities and usually in one or two day turnaround.

We can also do variable data printing for numbered tickets, or personalized letters with changing text or information.

Digital Foil

Our unique digital foil laminator allows us to add an incredible soft touch smooth velvet feel to paper and foil such as gold, silver or spot clear foil on without the need for a stamping die reducing the cost and turnaround of adding foil to your printing.
Add even more prestige with Painted Edge cards. Extra thick Painted Edge cards are printed colour one or both sides, soft touch laminated and painted on the edge with a choice of colours.